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Brand New Leave in the Hole Tricone Bits

New Lith Bits[Throw Away Bits]

Leave in the Hole bits are used for foundations, pilings, and anchor type systems where the bit is left in the hole and not retrieved.

Bit Brokers offers New Leave in the Hole Bits (Throw Away). These bits have been specifically made for leave in the hole applications. They are unthreaded, which makes them less expensive and easier to weld to. These ARE NOT re-run or rebuilt bits, they are brand new bits designed to be left in the hole. New bits at used prices.

LITH bit diagramWe currently are selling these
in 6" - 6-1/4"

Contact us if you have questions or if you would like to place a order.

or call 618-435-5811

LITH Bit Teeth

If you are looking for used LITH bits please click here.