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"Leave in the Hole" Tricone Bits

Volume Discounts Available

Leave in the Hole Tricone BitsThey go by many names, "Leave Behind", "Throw Away", "Dulls", amongst other driller slang for bits that are left in the hole when drilling is complete.

Bit Brokers International offers "Leave in the Hole" tricone bits or as we refer to them, LITH bits. These bits are used for foundations, pilings, and anchor type systems where the bit is left in the hole and not retrieved.

Our LITH bits are oiled and repaired to give maximum service and performance for your cost per foot. These bits are ready for their last hurrah.

Leave Behind Tricone BitsAvailable Sizes

4 3/4" - 5 1/2"
5 5/8" - 6 3/4"
7 7/8"
8 1/2" - 8 3/4"
9 1/2" - 9 7/8"
10 5/8" - 11"
12 1/4"


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