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New Hammer Bits

New Hammer BitsOur hammer bits are available to fit Ingersoll-Rand and Mission Hammers.

They are available in flat face, concave and drop center cutting structures.

The drop center comes in both large button and small button.

Head Designs:
Convex Hammer Bit Head Design
The convex face is a strong design for all conditions especially hard abrasive rocks. Good balance of fast drilling and long service life.
Flat Face
Flat Face Hammer Bit Head Design
The flat face is an alternative design for all rock conditions especially fractured and fissured rock and changing formations.
Concave Hammer Bit Head Design
The concave face alternative design for all rock conditions particularly deep hole drilling. Can provide improved hole alignment as a result of the inverted pilot.

Timinator Series Hammer Bits Bit Brokers International also has our own TIMINATOR line of Diamond Enhanced Hammer Bits

We have the size and the head configuration to fit your requirements and your hammer.

New and Guaranteed hammer bits are available in a range of sizes from 3-1/8" to 30".

Surplus Hammer BitsNot looking for new condition? Click here for information about rebuilt hammer bits.


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Contact us for a custom quote for you hammer bit needs.