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2007 - What started out as a vision for one small-town man is becoming a reality. Tim Thomas grew up working in the bit business, laboring long hours, repairing tricones, extracting carbide and selling bits. Thomas had big ideas and a global vision, but management at that time was not ready for it. So, after 10 years, he left a good job, ventured out on his own, and, as they say, the story begins.

In 1988, Thomas founded Bit Brokers International(BBI). In the early days, he started small – in a one-room office with a cornfield on one side, and a bean field on the other. He had one employee – and that was himself. Thomas’ vision continued to grow, and so did his business. So much, in fact, that ground now is broken for a 10,000-square-foot addition, bringing total square footage of office space, machine shop, warehouse and storage facilities to more than 22,000 square-feet. What started out as a one-man company now has grown into a worldwide organization that has sold bits in 50 countries and all 50 states.

Thomas’ business philosophy always has been simple – customer satisfaction with the quality of products and service he provides. That philosophy has served him well. So much, in fact, that BBI’s very first customer, Tallent Drilling of Albany, Ky., still continues to purchase its tricones from Bit Brokers today. A very special thanks goes to Jessie and Rick Tallent for their continued support.

In those early days, Thomas capitalized on the mistakes of more established companies. Thomas always has believed it is more important to know what not to do, rather than what to do. Prior to BBI, the quality standard of used bits was not the best. He found that drilling companies would be happy to compensate him for his services to ensure that he had handpicked the best quality reruns available. Learing from the mistakes of his competitors, more so than from his own, has been a key to BBI's success.

His vision was also correct with the advent of the world wide web. Thomas saw the internet as the wave of the future in sales and marketing, and was the first company of his kind to post a Web site in 1995. This enabled manufacturers to find BBI, so the product line for tricones now included new bits as well as used. He invites you to visit and see for yourself.

This year’s vision has seen the formation of Bit Brokers Mining Division. Coal is coming back, and BBI will be the new kid on the block, bringing in tricones made in the old Hughes Manufacturing Facility in China. Kingdream-Shareate bits are made with the Hughes technology, and Bit Brokers International has entered into an exclusive contract to distribute Sherate bits in the United States and throughout North America. Kingdream bits has taken a big market share in the oilfield, and Thomas hopes his vision will be correct again, as BBI gets geared up to actively pursue the Mining Market in ’08. Stay tuned for results.

Vision aside, Thomas knows that a corporation is only as good as the people who work for it. The staff at BBI is another part of the business that is a source of pride. He personally handpicked and trained each member of his staff. From Web design, manufacturing, management, sales, shipping, to the service after the sale, Thomas believes that they simply are the best in the business.

In closing, ultimately, without the faith of loyal customers and vendors, Bit Broker’s success would not be possible. Tim Thomas sends his thanks and gratitude to all associated with his company.

2002 - Bit Brokers International is one of the most well respected companies in the drilling industry. The president and founder, Tim Thomas, opened for business in 1988.

Offering product lines of newly manufactured rotary Tricone drill bits, new/unused surplus Tricones, Hammer bits, rebuilt Tricones, Custom built Hole Openers, Drag Bits, Cutters, adapter subs and stabilizers, BBI uses an elaborate network of suppliers and manufacturers around the world to bring our customers the best products at the most competitive prices.

Recently, a new 7,500 square foot facility was added in order to accommodate the increasing capacity of the business.

The new office space has provided the ability for more working personnel so that the incoming inquiries can be handled more efficiently. The new shop has assisted with repairs and warehouse productivity. The staff, both in the office and the shop, work diligently to assure that our customers are completely satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Bit Brokers also prides itself on our ability to provide shipping around the world. Containers, Less than Container Load(LCL), or next day shipments are always available to any corner of the globe. Shipments made from here are tracked every step of the way, while at the same time keeping our customer informed of the shipments - again to ensure customer satisfaction.

BBI has the experience, products, contacts, continued excellence in customer service, and technology to provide the best quality service there is to offer.