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Diamond Enhanced Hammer Bits

Diamond Gauge Timinator Hammer Bit

Timinator Series Diamond Gauge

Bit Brokers International is proud to announce the TIMINATOR
series of Hammer Bits.


Highest Resistance, Superior Toughness, Highest Diamond Volume, and Stress Engineered Inserts.

Timinator Series Full Face Diamond Enhanced Hammer Bit

Timinator Series Full Diamond Face

Diamond InsertsUnique Insert Technology

At Bit Brokers we have dedicated our focus and resources towards the development of technologies that positively impact the drilling operations of our customers by reducing their cost. Our efforts on PDC inserts development are unique.


Diamond Inserts Versus Standard Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Diamond Gauge Hammer BitDiamond Gauge Hammer Bit Photos shown on the right and left are examples of a used diamond gage hammer bit.

Note the difference in wear of the gage inserts versus the face inserts which are standard carbides.

The improvements made in the diamond inserts have resulted in a significant increase in bit performances. This is the result of a new pioneering approach to insert development. Efforts have resulted in a unique BBI engineered TIMINATOR series hammer bit with different characteristics that continue to raise the established performance levels.

Head Designs:

Convex Hammer Bit Head Design
The convex face is a strong design for all conditions especially hard abrasive rocks. Good balance of fast drilling and long service life.
Flat Face
Flat Face Hammer Bit Head Design
The flat face is an alternative design for all rock conditions especially fractured and fissured rock and changing formations.
Concave Hammer Bit Head Design
The concave face alternative design for all rock conditions particularly deep hole drilling. Can provide improved hole alignment as a result of the inverted pilot.
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