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Your Source for Rock Bit, Hole Opener, Tricone Bit, PDC Bit, Hammer Bit, and Drag Bit Tools

Bit Brokers is Quality Rock Bits. Since 1988 we have kept our clients ahead of schedule and under budget by providing the highest quality tools at the best possible prices. We supply the industry with quality tools such as, Hole Openers, PDC Reamers, Tricones, Tricone Cutters, Hammers & Hammer Bits, PDC Bits, and Drag Bits.

We ship to 50 states and 82 different countries, and serve industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water, Geothermal and Environmental. Our experienced staff is here to assist you with everything from choosing the right bit to shipping around the globe.

PDC Reamers/Hole Openers!

PDC hole openers (PDC Reamers) are now available to our high speed drilling customers.

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Predator Series Cutter
Predator Series Single Roller ConeThe Bolt on Single Roller Cone is a bit designed to be use on a navigational drill. When bolted onto the drill housing with the electronics inside, you will be able to navigate this bit through rough soil conditions.
Look here for more information on Single Roller Cones

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Halco Products
  Halco Hammer and Bits
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Got Cutters?
TCI Cuters We do. We offer cutters in a variety of sizes in TCI(Tungsten Carbide Inserts) and Steel Tooth cutters.

To find out more please contact us.

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Wanted to Buy: Scrap/Junk Drill Bits
  junk bits, scrap bits
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