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Tricone Bits

Browse our wide variety of Tricone Rock Bits

Tricone Bits, developed in the early 1930's, was a big improvement over the two cone Roller Bit. Because of its versatility and performance, it's still one of the main Rock Bits in use today.

The IADC Code describes a tricone bit, it tells you what the bit is, steel tooth or button, what formations the bit is meant for, and the bearing type. These codes help the driller describe what type of tricone they are looking for. If you would like to learn more about IADC codes click here. Need to identify an IADC code, use the IADC calculator ©.

Bit Brokers offers a variety of tricones, from sealed bearing button(TCI) bits to open bearing steel tooth bits in a wide range of sizes, in new, rebuilt, and unused/surplus.