Bit Brokers International

Family owned and operated since 1988 - we provide the highest quality tools at the best possible prices. We supply quality Hole Reamers, PDC Hole Openers, Tricones, Cutters, Hammers & Hammer Bits, PDC Bits, Drag Bits and Directional Drilling Tools.

Our Products

Our Products

Your Source for Rock Bit, Hole Opener/Reamer, Tricone Bit, PDC Bit, Hammer Bit and Drag Bit Tools.

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The VersaReam by Bit Brokers International is an interchangeable/expandable blade PDC Reamer/Hole Opener.

PDC Bits

PDC bits are designed for high speed drilling in shale, limestone, and sandstone formations.

Hole Openers/Reamers

We are proud of the quality and workmanship of our custom built Hole Openers/Reamers.

Tricone Bits

BBI Offers a variety of tricones, from sealed bearing button(TCI) bits to open bearing steel tooth bits.

Hammer Bits

We have the hammer bit size and the head configuration to fit your requirements.

Drag Bits

BBI supplies the best quality drag bits in the industry with sizes ranging from 1 ½” to custom built 30”.

Tricone Cutters

We we offer tricone cutter sections in new, surplus, or rebuilt condition.

Bit Breakers

Bit Breaker baskets are used to assist in pipe/bit seperation.

Sealed Bearing TCI

Sealed Bearing Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) Tricone/Roller Cone Bit

DTH Hammers

Our hammers provide efficient drilling at economical prices.

PDC Reamers

BBI Manufactures Traditional Fixed Blade PDC Reamers/Hole Openers

Sealed Beering Steel Tooth Tricone Bits

BBI Offers a new sealed bearing steel tooth tricone/rolloer cone bits.

Diamond Insert Hammer Bits

Hammer bits with diamond inserts show increased performance and superior toughness.

Open Bearing Steel Tooth Tricone Bits

New Open Bearing Steel Tooth Tricone/Roller Cone Bits.

Surplus Tricone Bits

Surplus tricone bits offer signifcant cost savings compared to new bits.

Who We Are

Est 1988

Our Story

Bit Brokers was founded in 1988 offering product lines of newly manufactured rotary Tricone drill bits, new/unused surplus Tricones, Hammers and Hammer bits, PDC bits, rebuilt Tricones, Custom built Hole Openers, Drag Bits, Cutters, adapter subs and stabilizers.

  • BBI has delivered to every state, and over 85 countries
  • Customer service and satisfaction is number one priority
  • One of the most skilled staffs in the rock bit industry

We serve industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water, Geothermal and Environmental. Our experienced staff is here to assist you with everything from choosing the right bit to shipping around the globe.


As Bit Brokers International strives to be the leader in quality drilling tools we also take pride in offering our services to keep you running at peak efficiency.

ReFit® Repair Service

For your used fixed blade PDC Reamer. Bit Brokers International not only manufactures custom fixed blade PDC reamers, but will also repair them to keep running as good as new.

Hammer Bit Rebuild Service

BBI can rebuild large diameter hammer bits at the fraction of the cost to buy a new bit. We have the abililty to replace a few buttons or completely reface the entire bit.

PDC ReFit® Service

Bit Brokers regularly performs ReFit Repair on used PDC bits, VersaReam™ blades and Fixed PDC Reamers. Our ReFit Experts have performed a record number of 20 Refit Repairs on a single bit.

Roller ReFit® Service

BBI routinely rotates customers' Reamers by stripping old cutters / sections off the body and replacing them. Our Roller ReFit Personnel keeps customers rolling with quality tools year round.