As Bit Brokers International strives to be the leader in quality drilling tools we also take pride in offering our services to keep you running at peak efficiency.

ReFit® Repair Service

For your used fixed blade PDC Reamer. Bit Brokers International not only manufactures custom fixed blade PDC reamers, but will also repair them to keep running as good as new.

Hammer Bit Rebuild Service

BBI can rebuild large diameter hammer bits at the fraction of the cost to buy a new bit. We have the abililty to replace a few buttons or completely reface the entire bit.

PDC ReFit® Service

Bit Brokers regularly performs ReFit Repair on used PDC bits, VersaReam™ blades and Fixed PDC Reamers. Our ReFit Experts have performed a record number of 20 Refit Repairs on a single bit.

Roller ReFit® Service

BBI routinely rotates customers' Reamers by stripping old cutters / sections off the body and replacing them. Our Roller ReFit Personnel keeps customers rolling with quality tools year round.

Our Knowledge of Earth Drilling Tools is Unmatched!

BBI holds up to 175 years of combined personnel experience. We provide the highest quality customer service.

Custom Hole Openers / Reamers

Can't find exactly what you are looking for anywhere? Please contact us with your Hole Opener or Reamer questions.

Replacement Cutters

Do you need specific cutter replacements for your Hole Openers or Reamers? We do it all - bolt on, weld on, and more!

Custom On a Budget

Our high quality custom Hole Openers / Reamers can be quoted with new, surplus, or used cutters.

Rebuilding and Retooling

We rebuild Hammer Bits, replace missing or damaged TCI Buttons on the bit. We also rebuild Hole Openers and Reamers at a fraction of the cost.


BBI is customer focused, we value our relationship with the people that use our products.

Jack M.


Bit Brokers' VersaReam finished our 800ft bore in 1/3 the time!

Dwight S.


Bit Brokers builds the best reamers that I have ever run.

Chip H.


The HDD Hammer performed exactly as was sold to me. Straight shooters!

Robert P.


My 12" reamer with new cutters has over 20,000 ft on it and is still going!